• Jackie Fuchs is a writer, speaker and attorney whose work has been featured in The Huffington Post, L.A. Weekly and Boing Boing, among others. Her media appearances include Crime Time, CBC’s “Q”, NPR’s The Madeleine Brand Show, Huffington Post Live and The Insider.

    Jackie speaks on gender, bystander intervention, sexual assault, workplace harassment and victim blaming, with an emphasis on social psychology and media.


  • Pluralistic ignorance and bystander apathy


  • The "bystander effect" can turn even the most well-intentioned of us into passive bystanders when we witness a sexual assault or harassment. In this talk, Jackie explores the psychological factors that lead us into bystander inaction and victim blaming and discusses what we can do to become more active bystanders.


  • As humans, we are hard-wired to be "team players." Most of the time, our desire to conform to social norms and group dynamics serves us well. But in group settings, this instinct can sometimes backfire, causing us to ignore harassment and other wrongful acts--or sometimes not even see them in the first place. In this talk, Jackie explains how we can overcome the herd instinct and take a more active leadership role.


  • The last thing most of us want to do when we see a wrongful act is to get involved. But by fostering an environment that rewards intervention, we can reduce the hidden costs of bystander apathy -- both personal and professional.


  • We are hard-wired to prefer feeling good to feeling bad. Blaming victims of sexual assault lets us feel better by giving us the illusion of control. More importantly, it allows us to believe we live in a just world. Learning to recognize this unconscious desire helps us create a safer and happier world.


  • This is more than a talk. Jackie masterfully sheds light on why witnesses frequently do not act, while also supplying tools that can help bystanders take action. Listening to her story was an unforgettable experience. One thing is for sure; you will leave changed.

    --Robert Branz, Quality Analyst, Akron OH

  • Fox—or Jackie Fuchs, as she went back to being known after leaving the pioneering all-female rock band in the mid-‘70s—is the ex-member [of The Runaways] suddenly putting a new spin on girl power in the 21st century.

    --Chris Willman, Yahoo! Music

  • In less than a week my outlook on certain things has changed and my ability to be bold in defending myself all the sudden is returning. It is a liberating thing to be able to say out loud what those men did to me… It's almost as if all these years I have allowed them the power… And now I'm taking it back. Thank you, thank you, thank you.