When being a "team player" goes awry

    • Hard-wired survial instincts
    • The Asch conformity experiment
    • The "smoke-filled room"
    • Social norms
    • Cognitive biases
    • Wishful thinking
    • Evaluation apprehension
  • We often speak of conformity as if it's something bad. But as human beings we are social animals. Conforming to social norms and group behavior marks us out as cooperative and predictable members of society and helps us behave in a manner appropriate to our setting.

    Unthinking conformity, however, can lead us astray. Without being consciously aware of it, it can lead us to overlook behaviors in others that are counter to our best interests and can leave us feeling and guilty and confused for no apparent reason. It can cost us and our companies money.

    In this talk, Jackie talks about the psychology of conformity and the unconscious behaviors that lead to harassment and other negative outcomes, and shows us how we can take a more active leadership role.